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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of assets can AusFleet manage?
AusFleet is designed for simple or diverse fleets including passenger vehicles, commercials, heavy plant, trailers, specialised items, small plant, power tools etc. Plus there's an inventory module for seamless parts management.
2. Which fuel suppliers does AusFleet accept transaction files from?
AusFleet has pre-configured import routines for major fuel suppliers plus spreadsheets, on site storage and manual entry.
3. Can AusFleet manage pool vehicle bookings and plant hire?
Yes, including online bookings, visual calendar, flexible charge profiles, invoicing, unavailable periods, defect reporting, automated email confirmations and more.
4. How much does AusFleet cost?
Subscriptions start from under $300 per month (paid annually in advance) and vary depending on the number of users, required modules, deployment, support and other service requirements.
5. What database and technologies does AusFleet use?
Widely accepted, Microsoft technologies.
Browser based modules have very few operating constraints.
There are more details here or feel free ask our friendly team.
6. What is the minimum and maximum fleet size?
There are no fleet size limitations. Even a small fleet is valuable and deserves to be managed professionally.
7. Do you charge per fleet item?
No. There is no charge per fleet item.
8. Is a demo version available?
Yes, please contact our team on +61 (0)2 9986 2800 or for access to our demonstration site and to discuss your requirements.
9. Which finance systems can AusFleet be interfaced to?
Interfaces are built to requirements using Web Services, ODBC or csv files.
Previous interfaces include SAP, Technology One, PeopleSoft, MYOB, Pinnacle GPS and more.
Feel free to ask us about your particular system.
10. Does AusFleet provide user rights and groups?
Yes, extensive user rights/permissions are available for every module and groups can be created for easier rights allocation.
11. Is AusFleet installed on my servers or hosted by AusFleet?
Either. We can install on your servers or host the application for you.
12. Can I create my own reports?
AusFleet has over 70 reports and dashboards. We can create new ones and you may query the database yourself if you wish.
13. How does service scheduling work?
It uses daily utilisation to forecast services due in the future based on km/hours/time.
AusFleet can then create the jobs, allocate parts and requirements, confirm flat rate ("book") times and generate hard and soft copy job cards.
There's also a bar code option for tradespeople to enter timesheets easily and accurately.
14. Can I tranfser my exisiting fleet information into AusFleet?
If you have legacy data, we can usually migrate it to save you time. It's one of several deployment options along with training and project management.
15. How often is the software updated?
Usually once or twice a year and upgrades are included in all our support packages to ensure you benefit from AusFleet's continual product development.
16. Is AusFleet compatible with tablets?
Yes, current clients use tablets to access AusFleet while in the field.
17. Are mobile apps available, for example to make bookings or submit odo readings?
They are on the way!