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Privacy Policy

AusFleet respects your privacy.
To ensure this we provide the following guarantees:

1. We will only provide your personal information collected as a result of your visit to an AusFleet website to any other party where required to do so by law (e.g. as part of a police investigation) unless you respond to a promotion or click a link related to, involving or on behalf of a named third party in which case your information may be provided to that third party, whereupon the third party's privacy policy will apply.
2. We will never use spy ware, ad ware or similar malicious programs.
3. Your information will only be used for analysis and marketing purposes by AusFleet unless we have specific written permission to do otherwise.
4. These policies apply to the use of any website or web service operated by Trisoft Corporation including this site, Aus-e-Fleet, Aus-e-Support, CO2 Cost Cutter and access to any online demonstration or electronic newsletter.

Below we provide details of how your personal information may be used by AusFleet and what information we may collect as a result of visiting our websites.

Information Collected

When you visit an AusFleet website (including Aus-e-Fleet and Aus-e-Support), we may use cookies, website tracking services and/or log-on details to track visits and monitor site usage. A "cookie" is a small text file placed on your computer by a web server which can be retrieved later. Cookies are frequently used on websites and you can choose if and how a cookie will be accepted by configuring your preferences and options in your browser. They allow us to monitor repeat visits for example, or provide a more tailored user experience. Information collected using cookies and website tracking systems may include IP address, visit duration and page views, country of origin, operating system, browser type, screen resolution and other details. It will not include personal details apart from that which can be established as a result of this information.


Website visitors who register with AusFleet and provide their own details as part of this process may be added to AusFleet database and receive marketing and other material from AusFleet.
Registered users logging on to AusFleet web pages may be identified as part of the log-on process and their visit details recorded.

Links to third parties

If you access a Third Party website from an AusFleet website, cookie information, information about your preferences or other information may be collected by that party. You should check the privacy policy of that provider to ensure you accept their privacy standards. Third Party websites should contain their own privacy statements and those third parties are responsible for their own privacy practices.

Enquiries generated via our websites

If you contact us via our websites, the content of the email or enquiry form will be retained and used for marketing purposes by AusFleet. Details will not be forwarded to third parties unless:
a) We are required to do so by law or
b) We are required to do so to adequately respond to your enquiry


By entering any of our websites, you acknowledge and accept our website privacy policy and also that if the statement is updated in the future then posting them on the site is sufficient notice of changes.

Version 3. November 2013